Our Procedure

We Are Dedicated To Providing Powerful Growth Tools For Apps And Websites

We understand the importance of engaging users and driving growth for your business. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of gamification solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your apps and websites. Whether you're looking to increase user retention, boost customer loyalty, or drive conversions, our tools are designed to help you achieve your goals.


How It Works

Easy Integration

Add Game Mechanics To User Actions And Increase Engagement

  • SDK Integration - available for multiple platforms.

  • API Driven - easily send event triggers.

  • Webhooks - push data to other applications.


Gamified Campaign

Create Gamified Growth Campaigns With Easy To Use Dashboard

  • Create challenges and increase user engagement

  • Variable rewards via scratch cards

  • In-built payout wallet to deliver rewards in realtime.


User Interaction

Drive User Engagement Through Enhanced Strategies and
Continuous Growth

  • Gamify routine actions and motivate users to come back

  • Engage users at every step of the campaign

  • Incentivise and increase retention

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Analysis and Optimization

Perform an Analysis with The Objective of Maximizing Efficiency

  • Reports and analytics show every detail of the campaign

  • Test, adjust and repeat